About MoxyAds

We believe in helping businesses connect with the right audiences

Our Story

Moxy Ads was launched in 2017 as VTK Media and rebranded to MoxyAds to narrow our focus to our core passion of ad management services.

What started as your typical ad management agency quickly evolved from large ad budgets and complicated campaigns to working with small businesses, lower budgets, and personalized service for our advertisers and publishers.

We’re a small team just looking to help advertisers grow their businesses and publishers earn consistent revenue with their websites.

Today we work with a select few businesses, our publishers, that own thousands of websites and receive millions of visitors monthly in various niches.

The advertisers we work with are small businesses both offline and online who prefer to avoid the complicated and often expensive world of using other programmatic ad agencies that require minimum budgets.

We cater to new and established businesses alike and can leverage our personalized service so that both advertisers and publishers succeed.

What makes MoxyAds different?

We work exclusively with businesses that are trying to reach their target audience by advertising their products and services on content sites. Typically, our advertisers are online businesses selling products or services or offline businesses looking to find new leads.

We specialize in working with large publishers (website owners with portfolios of 500 or more websites), who place our ads on their websites and earn up to 80% of the ad revenue for each ad placement.

Our advertisers pay an affordable flat rate monthly, based on the amount of ads they place and on the amount of traffic those sites receive every month.

We don’t use programmatic ads or base revenue on clicks or impressions. We keep things simple, and affordable, to maximize return on ad spend and generate consistent revenue for our publishers.

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